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Default Family Portraits!!

I got stopped in the street a few weeks back by someone trying to give out 10 vouchers for a sitting in a new photo studio that has opened in our local Debenhams, so i paid my ten quid and thought it might be a laugh and we have never had a family portrait and our son is 7.
sooooo today was the day we arrived to find the place full of screaming babies who obviously did not want to have there picture taken however much a fluffy duck was waved at them!!
The actual session was a laugh and my son loved it, so after we waited for 15 min we could look at the pic's having already paid ten quid I thought we wouldn't buy any more as they were so expensive but bugger it they were great and so 165 quid later I will be picking up 6 yes just 6 photos in few weeks!
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