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Old 16th December 2008, 02:39 PM
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Oh my god don't get me started on swasikas and their meanings, I haven't got one but even if I did there are a lot of honest justifiable reasons as to why I would choose to have one but people will only see what they want to see, a symbol adopted by a group of people as small minded as my collegue! It makes you wonder am I the bad person here or am I working for a small minded fascist who is scared of things that they do not understand?!?!?!

As for the unveiling of the tats (lol) well it was very upsetting and demeaning and I will be taking this further with the big dogs in the company as I feel that I have been treated unfairly after being bullied at work so again who is the one in the wrong!

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Old 26th December 2008, 04:21 PM
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I also work for a company that has a zero tolerance on tattoos although they will not specifically say why other than they find it inappropriate.

I have heard many complaints from colleagues that they find my tattoos 'offensive' although when broached what they find offensive about them it is not the images but the fact they feel I have 'mutilated' myself.

My counter response is that many of them have ear piercings (which I have nothing against body piercing) but it is scarification - so what is the difference?

Pin-Up I would have frankly told them where they can stick their ideas if I was asked to undress to 'prove' what I have or don't have on my body. I would say it is none of their damn business.

I would of also demanded the job of the accuser just for making up such accusations - I hope the case goes well.

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Old 18th January 2009, 12:42 PM
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I had to reply this thread even though its from December. Im new here so am finding lots of the topics interesting. I hope you get it sorted out and can battle on with no bad consequences.

I have such strong views on tattoo's in the workplace. I believe its freedom of expression and have looked into it many a time. Im fortunate that I work full time in a place that accept my alternative looks, tattoos and piercings. However, Ive been in places that didnt like and I say tough. There is a legislation called 'Self expression in the workplace' and I cant find it anywhere but it does exist. It basically says you are entitled to look how you wish and a workplace cannot discriminate in this way because of tattoos, body art etc. If you join a workplace with certain rules in place, maybe fair enough but they cannot just bring something in like that and expect someone already tattood to comply or lose their job!

My partner is a firefighter and his tattoos have been frowned upon recently but theres nothing they can do. However a friend of his wanted to move stations into another area and was asked to have laser treatment on his Nautical star on his neck because it may be religiously offensive to members of the public. I was outraged. Freedom of spech exists and so should freedom of artistic expression.

Rant over lol

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