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Old 27th October 2008, 07:04 PM
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Default how can u get the damned day wrong?!

so i am having a party on saturday, it was meant to be for the rasmus UK street team, well 2 people pulled out citing they had no money to get here (but they can happily afford to fly to finland to se the rasmus on tour alot of the time) and yesterday i get a panicing friend asking "what day is it on, friday or saturday?" urm "saturday" i say, "OMG i thought it was friday...the trog (other half) is on call on saturday and the girls are throwing up and and and..." yadda yadda...basically she cant come to the party.


seriously, i said to her "come through friday and we'll have our own party before saturday" makes sense, well no the kids are throwing up. then she says today "i've told the kids i'll take them trick or treating" surely if they are thowing up that is the LAST thing you do!

so now i am unsure as to if she was ever gonna come in the first place!!
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